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Strategies to Transform your Employee Experience

During a time of unprecedented staffing shortages across the country, employers are finding new and innovative ways to engage their employees to drive long term employment satisfaction. In this panel we’ll focus on innovative strategies to transform our employees experience

Strategies to Drive Financial Health

Managing and optimizing your company's financial "health" is more important than ever, and Brightree's business management system can help optimize and drive better outcomes. Join us to learn how to use our reporting, data analytics and workflow strategies to identify challenges and detail steps for improvement.

2022: Pharmacy Product Features that Optimize your Business

Learn about the most popular and notable features and solutions delivered in 2022 to help you optimize your pharmacy operations and connect to key partner solutions. You'll hear ways to improve your adoption of the solutions to maximize clinical team efficiencies, increase patient centricity and apply analytical insights.

Advance your Business with Advanced Analytics

Post-acute care providers live and breathe data, but using that information to analyze your own work processes can be a challenge. Learn how to use data to improve workflows and find better ways of working with better results! 

Keeping your Business Safe

If the pandemic has taught us one thing over the last two years, it's the need to have safe, secure and always-on systems and operations to serve patients in emergency situations. From phishing and social engineering attacks to ransomware, this session with ResMed's Chief Security Officer and savvy business leaders will help you learn more about […]

Optimizing Intake Workflows

Learn how Brightree’s Comprehensive Patient Intake solution uses a full-service approach to simplify an essential process for providers. We’ll review best practices for intake configuration and workflow designs that create a smooth process for employees and patients on this first step in their care journey. Learn how to set up your patients for success and help your […]

What is Zero-Touch ReSupply?

If your resupply business is expanding faster than ever and you're looking to apply automation, don't miss this session. You'll learn how to organize and optimize by automating every possible patient, employee and referral touchpoint while improving their experience with you.

Optimizing workflows to increase productivity

Are using your Brightree systems to the fullest? Are your HME and Pharmacy processes and workflows streamlined for the utmost efficiency and least amount of rework/redundancies? If not, you're missing important ways to increase productivity to your teams and reduce overall costs to your organization. In this session, we'll cover our A-Z best practice workflows […]

Driving Optimization using Rules Engine, Data and Ad-Hoc Reporting

Are you utilizing all of the power of Brightree to improve your data entry, reduce billing errors, work your AR more effectively, minimize denials, streamline your order confirmation, establish better inventory controls and maximize your daily work management?  Most customers under utilize their Brightree system, so we'll review and discuss how to optimize Brightree using our rules engine, data analytics,  […]

Closet Inventory Management with ePrescribe

It's time to modernize your closet inventory program by taking the manual paper and labor out of the equation. In this session, you'll learn about the different platforms available to manage closet inventory and how they integrate with Brightree to streamline the process further.

Get your Act Together with Data & Insights

If you're looking to develop a business strategy that empowers your business to be data-driven, automated and measurable towards real business goals, you'll want to join us to learn how some HMEs are doing this every day using their Brightree solutions. You'll hear about the right data and insights investments to make, how to develop […]

Consistent low touch patient experience: Patient hub and DX Best Practices

As more patients request remote care and prefer digital tools to paperwork or phone calls, it’s essential that you take full advantage of the available tools to meet these demands. In this session, you'll learn how our new patient engagement tool -- Brightree Digital Experience -- enhances your patient's experience with consistent communication and automated notifications. […]

HME – Ask Product Anything

Do you have questions about a Brightree solution, want us to consider adding a product feature or just want to pick a product manager's brain on a problem you're trying to solve? If so, this is the session for you. Submit your questions ahead of time and join us for a Q&A covering roadmap decisions, […]

How to Run a Data Driven Resupply Business

Are you interested in knowing how a large-scale HME runs a CPAP resupply business at scale? Join us to learn how our largest ReSupply customer thinks and acts and what can you take away from him to apply to your own business. He’ll share why automation and a data-driven mindset matter when you’re scaling your […]

Pharmacy – Ask Product Anything

Do you have questions about a Brightree solution, want us to consider adding a product feature or just want to pick a product manager's brain on a problem you're trying to solve? If so, this is the session for you. Submit your questions ahead of time and join us for a Q&A covering roadmap decisions, […]

Tracking Business Performance with Organizational KPIs 

We all know that metrics are important measurements in the health and success of a DME company; but are you tracking the right metrics, do you know what your KPI results mean and where to obtain these results, and do you understand how to evaluate what action should be taken?  In this session, you'll be able to […]

Universal ReSupply

We know that multi-therapy resupply can be tricky. In this interactive session, you'll take a dive into best practices and key components of building a successful multi-therapy resupply business that exceeds your patients’ expectations and streamlines your internal processes.

2023 Product Roadmap Overview

Looking to plan next year’s growth goals and how Brightree solutions can help you get there? Join us for this product roadmap overview where you'll learn what's planned for 2023-2024. These business-outcomes driven features and solutions will help your HME improve your electronic referral relationship and maximize business efficiencies with a laser focus on employee and […]

Optimizing order workflows with Activity Management, WIP states, and Work Lists

Are you confident that your employees are processing orders timely and effectively and can you pull clear reporting on the number of new orders received and their status?  Join us to review best practices in order management, where we'll discuss successful methods for efficiently processing new orders that can apply to organizations of any size.  Visibility into workload […]

Digitizing Physician Touchpoints

Physicians like easy ways to send their patients to HMEs and electronic referrals do just that! Join us to learn from the different vendors providing ePrescribe solutions, so you can develop your strategy to create long-lasting referral source relationships that help grow your business.

Digitizing Your Pharmacy Patient Experiences

Join the Brightree DX product team on how to build digital-first patient experiences for your pharmacy. During product demos, you'll see the 4-step operational framework in action to maximize automation of patient outreach with the highest patient opt-ins for DX.

Optimizing Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is one of the most important ways you can get equipment into the hands of your patients quickly, securely and on time.  In this session, we'll review how you can optimize your inventory system and auto-resupply process (including e-purchasing) to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.  You'll learn best practices for conducting a physical inventory, and […]

Strategies for Effective Revenue Cycle Management

Ready to improve collections rates, reduce DSO and eliminate held A/R with advanced strategies for effective revenue cycle management? In this session, we’ll review successful methods for processing transactions and optimizing patient intake and then take an in-depth look into AR management and reporting tools that can have a big impact on increasing cashflow. We’ll walk you […]